Zone rules

Zone usage rules

  • Do not enter the Settlement Road 2 Minute Zone before 2:55PM – THIS CREATES CONGESTION IN THE ZONE WHICH CONTRIBUTES TO LACK OF TRAFFIC FLOW.
  • No parking in any two minute zone – limit your standing in the zone strictly to 2 minutes. This includes the two 2 minute loading zones on Settlement Road, plus the additional zones in Kullaroo and Yuruga Streets (see Zone Map).
  • Do not use the ‘upper’ 2 min zone near Waterworks Road unless directed by the Zone Coordinator to ‘move on’ from the zone – this zone is for ‘overflow’ vehicles who have exceeded waiting 2 mins in the main 2 min zone near the school gate.
  • Do not leave your car to enter school grounds
  • Give way to cars on Settlement Road when exiting.
  • Parking is not permitted along the yellow lines (and is a traffic offence)
  • Queing alongside standing or parked cars is not permitted (and is a traffic offence)
  • You may be asked to exit the two minute zone waiting area (into the upper zone near Waterworks Road) if you have been in the zone for longer than 2 minutes
  • U-turns onto Waterworks Road, turnarounds in Bromar Street are not permitted (and are traffic offences)

Zone use recommendations

The goal of the 2 min zone is to ensure that parents and students can use this pickup and drop off area safely, within the time allotted for arrival and departure. We provide the following recommendations for use of the zone to ensure safe and efficient use.

For the morning dropoff

  • Say your goodbyes before leaving home to minimise time doing so within the zone
  • Whenever possible, driver to stay in the car (to maintain a steady flow of traffic)
  • Children to exit cars from the curb side
  • Store your child’s bag inside your car, rather than open your boot at the drop zone.

We recognise that whilst these guidelines should apply to many zone users, there will be some circumstances in which this is not suitable (e.g. for children with broken limbs; vehicles whose access to the curb is limited due to infant restraints; students carrying large musical instruments; children who have difficulty managing their own seatbelts etc).

If your child is not exiting curb-side, please get out of the car to safely usher them to the curb, BEHIND the car to ensure clear visibility to oncoming drivers. If you are removing objects out of the boot, please do so efficiently. Under no circumstances fail to adhere to the Zone Usage Rules.