Welcome to The Gap State School Parents and Citizens Association website.

Statement of Purpose

The Gap State School P&C consults with and supports our school community to build relationships, have honest discussions, engage and promote the P&C at every opportunity and look beyond the school gates with respect to how we consider working together in our community. We want the school community of The Gap State School to be a great place to belong.

We will also use the The Gap State School strategic plan, resources and guidelines provided by Education Queensland and P&C QLD including the Parent and Community Engagement Framework, 
to strengthen learning outcomes for students, through effective partnerships and engagement between Principals, teachers, students, parents and the community.

Key P&C priorities for 2020 include

  • School Fete
  • Membership growth
  • Staff and volunteer engagement
  • P&C compliance to legislative requirements and P&C regulations
  • Enhancing revenue via grants as well as existing and new programs
  • Business and community partnership development